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The Elements Retreat


All the experiences we have on offer at The Elements Retreat have been specially crafted by experienced therapists, practitioners, and educators, who have decades of experience between them. 

The facilitators you will meet at The Elements Retreat are experts in their field and have been hand-selected because of their shared values, vision and mission to co-create an unforgettable and life-changing experience of happiness, health and healing.





Native Drums

The Elements Retreat
Fire Drumming Opening Ceremony

To officially open the retreat we will call in and give gratitude to the elements that surround us. It will be a chance to come together, set our intentions, give gratitude & open our hearts to ourselves, one another, the earth and elements. 


Assisted with the sacred sounds of drumming, rattles, crystal and Himalayan bowls, along with the power of the voice.


You are invited to bring a drum or musical instrument, along with your voice, there will also be instruments for those who don't have any but want to join in.

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The Elements Retreat
with Rhys Thomas


NEW FOR 2024

Rhys Thomas is a former Welsh international rugby player, who transitioned from the world of sports to the realms of holistic healing. His transformative journey led him to embrace a new role as a breathwork practitioner. Rhys found profound purpose in guiding others through the power of breath.

Breath n Bass.jpeg

The Elements Retreat
Breath n Bass
with Hollie Sky


BACK IN 2024

Hollie Sky is a conscious DJ and creator of Breath n Bass, an immersive combination of breathwork and bass music that guides people on a journey of joy and excitement.

Join us on the sandy dancefloor of Candleston Woods for an evening of sober celebration


The Elements Retreat
Breathwork & Cold Water Therapy
with John Carstairs

Wim Hof Trained Breath Work Practitioner

Take a breath work journey with John, an experienced breath work practitioner and guide. Johns journey began with the Wim Hof method, where John trained and worked with Wim in Poland, Holland and Germany.

He has gone on to develop his own variation on cold water therapy and breath work techniques.


In this unique experience John will guide you through all three modalities of breath work deep slow breathing, powerful strong breathing and centered  balanced breathing.  Alongside the cold water immersion techniques to deliver an impactive holistic experience.


John also uses red light or near infrared red light to relax and energise the body. Music is added to creating a safe and calming space for you to open up your heart and release negative energies, re centering yourself into a loving space connecting with your heart.


John will be running workshops and one to one options throughout the weekend.


About Kahreela An - Ra

Spirituality for me began as a search for happiness. In my late teens, I realized that I didn't know how to be happy. I started to read self-help books which eventually lead to spiritual workshops. Meeting people who could channel spirit guides inspired me to learn how to channel and life was never the same again! Channeling is the Divine Conversation that we have with life and that is where I found my happiness. I have worked with people and lands all over the world, flowing the flow of my own Divine conversation to be of Service to Humanity at this time of immense change and transformation. All of Starlight's Offerings are about bringing magic to life. 

“Your Aura is an incredible, beautiful field of light energy that is unique to you… It is your spiritual fingerprint - there is no Aura in the universe like yours.”

About the workshop

The Aura has many functions and keeping our auras clean, bright and healthy can make such a huge difference to how we feel in day-to-day life and how deeply we can connect.  Many sensitive people really struggle with crowds and over-absorbing of other people’s energy because they have overloaded, over-worked and ripped Auras.  When the Aura is healthy, filtering happens naturally and easily. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to experience your own Aura. Knowing your Aura is knowing yourself - it is a really empowering key step for anyone who wants to live in a more connected way. You will also discover simple tools for keeping your Aura healthy, as well as Aura energy mechanics for manifesting, channeling and vibrational shifting. 

The Elements Retreat
Empower your Aura for Connection Workshop
with Kahreela An - Ra

The Elements Retreat


Psychic Art Workshop 

with Kate Rajba

In this workshop, we will focus on connecting with your Spirit Guide and channelling their energy through art. Psychic art is a powerful medium that aids individuals in tapping into their inner light and power. It goes beyond traditional art forms, as it encompasses a spiritual and intuitive approach to the creative process. Psychic art allows individuals to connect with their subconscious mind, accessing deeper layers of awareness and insight. Through this intuitive exploration, you can channel their inner guidance, higher wisdom, and universal energies onto the canvas. The process of creating psychic art becomes a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

Kate will also be available across the weekend as a one-to-one practitioner and facilitating group angel healings. 


The Elements Retreat
Fire Walk
with Sam Williams & Nel Nederveen


NEW FOR 2024

Once you've walked on our fire on Friday night, the rest of the retreat will feel like freedom.

The Elements Retreat Firewalk is a transformative and exhilarating experience that involves walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers.


Your participation is not required, but strongly encouraged, as the firewalk is all about embracing the challenge, overcoming fears, and tapping into one's inner strength. It's an experience that goes beyond the physical act of walking on fire, offering a powerful metaphor for personal growth and transformation - which is what The Elements Retreat is all about.

IMG_20240429_142245 (1).jpeg

The Elements Retreat
Immersive Voice Medicine Soundscape

with Katja Naia

Katja Naia is a soulful singer, voice alchemist and etheric beats music producer, fusing together healing frequencies, powerful voice medicine and soundscape meditations.


Her motto is “bringing divinity to the dancefloor” and for the past few years has been delivering messages of awakening, truth and connection together with deep mystical beats and basslines. She has also been mentoring female healers through their own voice awakening journeys, sensing that it is deeply important that women, as the wisdom keepers of the great awakening, must free their voices in order to support the collective’s rise in consciousness.


She will be transmitting a powerful immersive Voice Medicine Soundscape, chanting tones of love and connection, channelling light codes through intuitive singing, and guiding you through a serene and blissful visualisation journey, all supported by atmospheric sounds created in the magical 432hz healing frequency.

Come and receive the healing vibrations and love-infused intentions, so you can surrender to the moment and feel deeply connected to sound and source.

The Elements Retreat
Arrow Break
with Sam Williams & Nel Nederveen


NEW FOR 2024

The Elements Retreat arrow break experience is a transformative activity where you will break an arrow using only the soft tissue of your throat. This seemingly daring act is symbolic of breaking through personal barriers, overcoming fear, and embracing inner strength.


Our expert facilitators will guide you through mental and emotional preparation, emphasising the power of belief and the mind's ability to influence physical outcomes.


The arrow break serves as a powerful metaphor for resilience, courage, and the capacity for positive change, leaving you with a heightened sense of accomplishment and newfound confidence in their ability to face challenges head-on.


The Elements Retreat
Wood-Fired Sauna
with the Dawn Stalkers 


NEW FOR 2024

Our wood-fired sauna involves the meticulous burning of wood, imparting a distinct and authentic ambiance with the inherent scent of timber. Beyond its rustic charm, the wood-fired sauna offers a range of notable benefits, including enhanced blood circulation, facilitated detoxification through induced perspiration, and a profound reduction in stress within a serene environment.


The gentle and enveloping warmth generated by Welsh wood contributes to a holistic and therapeutic sauna experience, fostering a profound connection with nature. This approach not only revitalizes the body but also offers a meditative retreat for the mind, making the wood-fired sauna a dignified and rejuvenating sanctuary.


The Elements Retreat
Quantum Healing
Dave and Amanda


we are Dave and Amanda and over the past few years we have been training with many elements of quantum healing, amongst which is Star Magic Healing, we have currently taken the FT1 and FT2 trainings within the Star Magic Healing.


One aspect of healing which is regularly used within Star Magic is called "God's Mouth - Collapsing Waves of Light (deleting old programs). 


God's Mouth heals timelines and bring all past lives/parallel lives and ancestral trauma into healing.  This process is extremely powerful and any programming that is running and disturbing or affecting your life in a negative way will be resolved.  You can also add your own intentions for anything you wish to be healed during God's Mouth, or you can ask your higher/inner self to do this for you.  You will feel even lighter, more expanded and even more free to live your life.                 


People have likened this experience to being reborn like a phoenix, rising again and soaring into your new reality.  Manifesting can come more easily and more effortlessly.            


So if you would like to experience this then you are welcome to come and join Dave and Amanda where we will take you through this amazing journey. Be prepared to be transformed

DJ Spinning

The Elements Retreat
Ecstatic Dance 
with The Barefoot DJ


Our resident Welsh DJ - The Barefoot DJ will be behind the decks all weekend to set the atmosphere and ambience of our retreat. He will also be hosting an exhilarating ecstatic dance on our sandy woodland


The Elements Retreat
Emma Jay - Lifeshaper



Emma Jay shares her experience of life after becoming a mum. Learning to find a new identity and path for herself whilst navigating motherhood. Emma talks about her struggles with maternal mental health and how that impacted her career, but through deep inner work she found a way to shine her own personal light again.

Hand Shadow

The Elements Retreat 
Kundalini Activation Proce


No experience is needed, only openness to receive and surrender. KAP is a direct Kundalini Transmission that activates the Awakening of the Kundalini.

It progresses you on the path to connect with your higher-self, your souls plan, through a journey of releasing blockages, letting go of what no longer serves you and re-alignment of Self.

Spontaneous movements can and do arise. Some consider it a cathartic experience or one that gives them deep insights or realisations.

It will not shock your system in any way. With KAP transmission the energy comes in from the top of the crown, down towards the root chakra. there is a significant difference from other self-willed practices of Kundalini rising.

A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued exposure. Every “symptom” or sign of a Kundalini awakening, from the earliest signs to the later end manifestations, are seen regularly in participants.

During a KAP session, you lie down on a yoga mat, and music is played. The facilitator touches or presses some of the chakras or meridian points on your body; and that's it... that's all that happens on the outside. What happens on the inside is a totally different story!


The Elements Retreat
Yoga & Indian Head Massage
with Charlotte Johansson-Evans

Charlotte is a gentle soul whose passion is to see people flourish. After working in the corporate world for 15 years and reaching burnout, she realised it was time to practise what she preached and take time to tend to her own wellbeing. Having now done that, as part of her evolution, Charlotte has found her innate calling in supporting women to slow down and reconnect with nature, using forgotten wisdom such as cyclical living to support their wellbeing. Now a qualified Indian Head Massage Therapist and a Wild Feminine Yoga Trainee Teacher, Charlotte hopes to pass on some of these learnings and invites you to attend a session with her. Charlotte will be offering a slow, nourishing yoga session held in circle and ceremony, with a focus on the current season and moon phase as well as intuitive Indian Head Massage to help relieve stress, re-balance and reinstate your inner calm. Treatments will be available throughout the weekend.

forest bathing.png

The Elements Retreat
Forest Bathing
with Joanna Suvarna

Connect with Mother Nature. Connect with the Spirits of the Trees. Connect with Your Soul.


Incorporating holistic practices taken from yogic techniques, meditation and mindfulness, allowing you to slow down your thoughts, feel a deeper connection with nature and reach a peaceful internal state.  


Sessions will culminate in connection to your innate creativity, in moments to speak from your soul: through poetry, through imagery, through movement, through songwriting or whatever you are called to do in the moment.


"Forest Bathing is like a bridge... between us and the natural world... we may not travel very far, but in connecting us with nature, it takes us all the way home to our true selves." ~ Dr Qing Lee of the Nippon Medical School in Japan.

shobs and noha.jpg

The Elements Retreat
Abundance Activation: Opening to the conscious flow of money 

with Shobana Kataria and Noha Nasser

We are here for ourselves. We are here for the collective. We are here to bring new paradigm ways of being together - to be able to sit together in a circle of love transmuting old to new - burning away that which no longer serves us to allow new energies and new ways of doing things to emerge from the ashes. 


Money is currently old paradigm. It carries with it the energy of slavery, domination and patriarchy. It has been abused by those in powerful positions to take our energy and have us work hard to earn their money with our time.


Few of us resonate with the energy of money and there are distortions around the way it has been used to enslave us and these still live within us through ancestral narratives. These distortions assist with our own soul journey of self-worth – when we rise above them our soul grows and flourishes. 


In this sacred space, we use ritual and ceremony to let go that which no longer serve us, calling in higher vibrational frequencies of money and abundance to serve the new earth.


Bring some physical currency (£50, £20 or £10 notes, £50 will be best). You are to imprint your money with a light code symbol which will infuse the code of prosperity onto it. Bringing it into alignment with the new energies coming through. Pure energies such as love, gifting, service and right relationship.


We are opening a powerful gateway for receiving exchanges from a space of abundance in integrity with who you are today. In your abundance, we are all abundant. 

Hollie Sky .jpeg

The Elements Retreat
Yoga & Breathwork
with Hollie Sky

Daily Morning and Evening Yoga.... Hollie has created a Journey through the Elements program of yoga that flows throughout the retreat.

 Morning, evening and in between.....

You get to experience the ancient connection with your body &  breath all weekend.


Owner of Sky Spa in Barry, Hollie and her team offer a range of services throughout the weekend.


The Elements Retreat
Cacao & Sacred Sound Ceremony


As The Elements Retreat falls on a last quarter moon, our community Cacao Ceremony with Sacred Sound will honour both the Elements and the Moon.

Many people hear a calling... A curiosity, a longing for more connection, a whisper in the heart or a strong voice to reconnect with Mother Nature.

This is the calling to connect with the Cacao Spirit.

Cacao is more than chocolate, it is a spiritual dimension, an intelligence that we cannot perceive with the mind; but with the heart, the intuition and through feelings.

Experience and express the heart-opening power of Cacao; an ancient plant medicine, which is sourced sustainably and ethically from DaliLeo, Guatemala  to ensure a heart led experience at  The Elements

Tom Spine.webp

The Elements Retreat
Network Spinal
with Thomas Greenfield & Team
The Tuning Room Epi-Healing Centre

Network Spinal involves gentle, precise touch to the spine which cues the body to spontaneously release tensions from the nervous system. It helps you to open up your internal awareness into your body, create a better connection with the breath, and create a tone in your body that will transcend all of the tissues, ligaments, and muscles; releasing all the tension in your body. It helps you to re-connect with your innate intelligence, so you can reorganise your system and live extraordinarily. 

Tom and the Tuning Room team will be providing free taster sessions of Spinal Network.  

The Tuning Room Epi-Healing Centre is a brand new, state of the art healing centre in Cardiff Bay 

Tuning room Logo.webp
Herbal Medicine
Pic of steph for the website.png

The Elements Retreat
Food is Medicine Workshop
with Stephanie Jane Lamerton

Holistic Private Chef and Raw Food expert Stephanie Lamerton shares her knowledge during an interactive workshop, to teach you about how we can use food and plants as medicine. 

As a pillar of The Elements Nourishment Team and author of the best-selling cookbook Spiralize, come and experience Stephanie's heart-centred approach to health and nutrition, and learn what changes you can make to the food you eat ~ and how the positive changes can impact your physical and mental wellbeing. 

The Elements  Retreat
Family Constellations
with Nell Nederveen

Family Constellation work is an effective therapeutic process that helps break destructive family patterns of unhappiness, illness, failure, and addiction. The Family Constellation approach is becoming one of the most rapidly expanding forms of therapy in the world and is practiced in more than 35 countries.”

It draws attention to patterns and dynamics that may not have been apparent or previously considered in your life. Family constellation work can offer insight into patterns of behaviours  which can lead to healthier communication and more fufulling relationships.

Your facilitator;

Nell is a Motivational Life Coach who lives in Wales, her passion  and intuitive skill for facilitating Family Constellations offers a beautiful  immersive and inclusive workshop. 

carolyn coles wbsite pic .jpg

The Elements Retreat
Sound Journeys
with Carolyn Coles 

Carolyn Coles - Wisdom keeper and emerging elder, Carolyn Coles sings the songlines and sounds the call to an awakening humanity. She is a Master Practitioner in Sacred Sound and Voice with over 20 years experience. Carolyn will be a facilitator at our Elemental opening Fire circle on Friday and offering a Sacred Sound Journey .- Mothers Song in collaboration with Phil Orchard who will be sounding the Sacred masculine. Ceremonial shamanic sounding, singing and dancing will be shared over this magical elemental weekend with love.


The Elements Retreat
Hypno House
with Tanya Wales  

Hypno House is a therapeutic party that combines hypnotherapy and house music to leave a positive lasting effect on participants health and well-being. 

The immersive show combines movement, breathwork, and celebration to guide people on a journey of happiness and high energy.

Led by Tanya, Hypno House will kick off our Saturday night sober celebration.


The Elements Retreat 
Chakra Balancing with Crystals
with Gabi Annis & Emma Saunders

This interactive workshop is a gentle introduction to your Chakra system, using crystals, voice and sound, Gabi will be guiding you to bring balance to your body, mind and spirit.  bringing in the beautiful voice of  Emma Saunders to sing through the chakras - this workshop is going to be special.


It's  an opportunity to learn about the magical kingdom of crystals and their uses. You  get to learn how to balance yourself when the world feels a little wobbly.

Gabi Annis is owner of Purple Dragon Therapies in the Vale of Glamorgan, she will be offering  crystal and tuning forks one to one sessions throughout the weekend.

tracey profile pics  2.jpeg

The Elements Retreat
Tracey Currell

Tracey Currell is a serial entrepreneur, property investor, and founder of award-winning global business network Introbiz, author of Master Networking and creator of networking tool Fortune in the Follow Up. She is also a motivational speaker, mentor & networking coach and she absolutely loves people and genuinely loves helping and developing others. Tracey has also raised over £200k for charity and loves to make a massive difference for the good. 

Floris Koot Close Up.jpg

The Elements Retreat
Floris Koot

Floris has been working for over 30 years in very different environments, purposes, and different festivals in several countries around Europe. He mixes Taoism, Indigenous Wisdom, Chaos Theory and Storytelling in all his creative and playful approaches. Currently he’s focussed on Dutch indigenous wisdom, educational innovation and writing. He even co-founded a school and a festival much like Elements in the Netherlands,

now called Rise-Up, and contributed to many more. He also is an elder for Tribal Wisdom. He has done many social experiments at festivals and in education.


His style is lighthearted and sharp, playful and deep.

The Elements Retreat
Past Life Regression
with Gareth Jones

Gareth is a clinical Hypnotherapist, past life regressionist with over a decade of experience. I have helped many people with substance abuse, trauma, phobias and self confidence amongst other things.


I give talks on the journey of the soul and how it can bring trauma with it into each incarnation and how we can end that process.

In this past life regression workshop I will take you on a journey of discovery of who you were, what you did and how you died in a past life.

This workshop can last up to 2 hours 

Dancing in the Mist

The Elements Retreat 
Ecstatic Dance
with DJ Seagyp

Sea Gypsee is an Ecstatic Dance DJ, facilitator & ceremonialist on a mission to inspire people to say YES to living a wild life and boldly engage in our path with heart and soul. By re-connecting deeply with our the deliciousness of our inner body wisdom, through the dynamic practice of the 5 elements and cacao medicine, Seagypsee facilitate powerful, tender and moving soulscapes to feel free and feel ourselves from within.


Her sonic journeys are a mix of ethnic and tribal beats, folktronika, deep house, world music, drum n'bass, dub, medicine songs that weave a return to love, eros, tribe and nature. An somatic meditative dance to explore our edges, uplift our spirits and rejuvenate from the inside out.

Seagypsee holds monthly Ecstatic Dances and cacao ceremonies in Wales at Mystic Cocoon and is a resident DJ at ecstatic dance Bristol. She also creates offerings at conscious festivals such as All About Love, Anthropos among others, as well as holding embodiment retreats in France. 

The Elements Retreat 
Soul Song - Sounds of Unity
With Emma Blake-Jones

Emma Blake-Jones is a Reiki Master, intuitive healer, womb practitioner and space holder with 15 years experience in community gatherings, retreats,

1-2-1's and group work.


She is passionate about connecting all back to Oneness, Divine essence and the Voice of our Souls. Through activating the Divine Feminine, reclaiming our voices, walking and honouring our sacred lands, initiating healing ceremonies and gatherings. She calls us to the deep remembering of Awen, the songs of our souls, the ancestors, the land and star nations. Activating the ancient wisdoms, songs and remembering coded within to heal our roots, plant seeds of Unity for future generations and bring the vibrations of Love and Unity to Humanity in these powerful times.



Soul Song - Sounds of Unity


Soul Song is a deep and beautiful journey of remembering the sacred hum within. The cosmic note of Unity and the songs of the universe which vibrate through all our hearts, our souls, mother earth and all that is.


Freeing our voices from all that has kept us silent, from all that has been unheard and supressed we emerge into a free and beautiful expression of our unique essence. A return to the Soul Songs & sacred sounds that flow from our hearts, dance with our truth, sounding our sadness, our joy and our freedom. Soothing our hearts and connecting us with life, each other and the songs of Unity in a world desperate for harmony.


If you are ready to clear your throat chakra, free your voice and hear your soul's song once more. 

Join Emma Blake-Jones on this gentle and powerful journey of natural voice, sacred sound and expression. With no singing or sounding experience necessary, no complex harmonies or words to learn. Bring an open heart and your sounds of your soul. Together we are the harmony and vibration of Love we wish to see in the world.

Source Transmission meditations with Stef.jpg

The Elements Retreat 
Big Mind / Big Heart Process
With Stef Kling

Stef is a Master of Energy and Meditation. He is known for his pure energy, high frequency (white light) and unconditional love. He is the healer of healers, many only trust Stef to work on their energy field. He has 25 years experience with various healing modalities and teaches the Highest Tibetan Tantra meditation techniques.


At the Elements Retreat he will offer two sessions:


Source Transmission Healing Meditation (1 hour)

In this session you will lie down on your mat and Stef will lead you into a very deep meditation, connecting you to your pure soul energy where you will connect to your pure soul potential. From there he will transmit pure source energy that will help to dissolve any energy blocks inside you. Be prepared for a very deep transcendental experience.


Big Mind Big Heart Process - together with his partner Jana (1 hour 30 mins)

This unique process is the Zen version of Voice Dialog and Family Constellations. It was developed by an American Zen Master who discovered a way how you can experience the Transcedental states of Big Mind / Big Heart. What normally takes 20 years in Zen you will be able to access within this session. You will feel the shift when the whole group shifts into these higher states!

We will start the session with an explanation of how this process came about and how it works, then we will take the group through the process. Come and experience what it is like to be enlightened!


The Elements Retreat Shamanic Sound Journey
With Fed and Phil

Immerse yourself in a Shamanic Healing Sound Journey led by Fed and Phil from Ty Enfys Shamanic Acitvations Ltd, a unique offering that blends ancient shamanic practices with the therapeutic power of sound therapy.

Phil is a fully accredited practitioner of shamanic sound therapy, trained by the School of Natural Shamanism and endorsed by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) in various modalities. He co-founded Ty Enfys Shamanic Activations Ltd, offering individual and group sound healing sessions, retreats, and herbal products. Phil is also a qualified data protection officer, deeply involved in off-grid living and holistic therapy research.

He's exploring holistic well-being, studying to be a reiki practitioner, and promoting community-based projects and holistic retreats. With a passion for ancient cultures and a belief in the body's ability to self-heal through holistic medicine, Phil combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques to harmonise energy, mind, and spirit, driven by a deep vocation and dedication to indigenous shamanic teachings.

For over 18 years, Fed has been a catalyst for growth and transformation, from leading national charities to winning multiple awards as a top online training provider, life coach, and health specialist. Accredited in NLP, life coaching, naturopathy, and shamanic practices, Fed crafts a holistic approach to well-being. Delving into NLP, he unravels thought patterns for personal development.

As a life coach, he empowers individuals to conquer challenges and set meaningful goals, while his naturopathic knowledge adds a natural healing dimension. Drawing from shamanic traditions, Fed offers a unique therapy blend, integrating ancient practices. As a medicine carrier and plant medicine therapist, he incorporates sacred plant wisdom into his healing work, guiding individuals on profound journeys of self-discovery and transformation. His practice extends to yogic traditions and reflexology, balancing mind, body, and spirit.

Fed's passion lies in unlocking people's true potential, creating a safe space for them to transcend limitations. With a loving presence, he guides individuals towards embracing their essence and living authentically, fostering deep connections and a life filled with love and purpose.


The Elements Retreat 
Storytelling sharing circle
What's in your heart to do
with Kelly Quinn

What’s In Your Heart To Do Experiential Sharing Circle Kelly opens up a heart centred sharing circle where she invites an inquiry of ‘What’s in your heart to do?’ Kelly simple wants everyone to hear from one another about what’s in their heart to do . Come share your hopes and aspirations for your offerings with the Elements community- whether that’s here at the weekend or way out into the future for our wider communities.


Kelly will invite a few brave hearts to share openly what they have learned from following through on what was in their heart to do in the hope of inspiring more of us to fulfil on our biggest, most deeply heart felt visions. Bring cushions and blankets. Get ready to get all cosy and deeply connected with your vision and with each other.

The Elements Retreat 
Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Energy Healer and Merkaba Activations
with Michele Williams

I am based in Ynysddu, a small village nestled in the valleys of South Wales. I have been in private practice as a metaphysical healer, teacher and massage therapist for over thirty years. My passion is to ignite inner healing and self empowerment within others. (All my sessions are one to one).

The benefits of regular massage are well known, my massage is a mixture of different techniques formed as one. Using 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils, energy, music and rhythm, the massage, deeply relaxing, assists one to inner journey, connecting to aspects of self ready to be recognised and/or released.
Available on Retreat: 45min Back, Neck & Scalp Massage £25
(Reduced rate)

My Energy Healings and Activations are a series of modalities that each build upon the previous, switching on dormant, sacred geometry within your Merkaba and Subtle Bodies. In addition, they clear old programming both on an Individual and Karmic level. I so aspire to share this work with the entire world, this work is an energetic leap on an evolutionary level. At a time on this planet of accelerated ascension, I highly recommend this sacred work and powerful gift to humanity.

I will be offering the first of the series on retreat: The Balance of Wisdom & Emotion, this is the coherence between the Head and the Heart. During this session the major chakras are cleared & balanced, chakras connecting to the infinite & the earth outside of the physical body are activated, centre core energy cleared & activated (known on the Tree of Life as "The Middle Path"), activating the high heart centre (sometimes referred to as The Seat of the Soul), activating the first diamond shaped sacred template - the balanced expression of Wisdom and Love, the adrenal glands are cleared and balanced, the spine is cleared of restrictions/fears that hold you back.

It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of the team last year, as well as a participant. The memories, walk away life changes, new deep, lasting relationships, joy, a newfound trust of others and confidence in myself has me sincerely looking forward to being part of this magic again.

cecd5a74-fa45-4780-80b8-4e28c0c6deff 2.jpg

The Elements Retreat 
Inner Dance Breathwork
with Tom Woodfin

Tom is a former mixed martial artist now embodiment coach, EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy practitioner and breathwork & inner dance sound journey facilitator. He works through these modalities drawing on a background in yoga, Vipassana meditation and Non violent communication, to help clients through unconscious misalignments and conflicts, stuck emotions, past trauma and nervous system dysregulation, for the purposes of building awareness and agency, becoming more in tune with their bodies, developing inner clarity and communicating more authentically.




I want to offer an inner dance breathwork sound journey, the total session time would be about two hours, the 15 minutes instructions, about an hour to an hour 15 journey, with 30 mins sharing and closing at the end. 


The Elements Retreat 
Kundalini Yoga
with Hayley Reid

Hayley was trained and qualified with the Sahej Academy. She is a Doula and spaceholder who lives in Edinburgh. Hayley is the owner and creator of Empowering Mothers a business that creates courses and retreats for mothers.

 Come and have a one to one Kundalini yoga session to create a tailor made personal practice for you. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. In these one to one sessions, we will deep dive int transformational Kriyas, combining mantra, asana, mudra, mediation and pranayama.

IMG_20240429_142245 (1).jpg

The Elements Retreat 
Rewilding the Good Girl
With Kim Pehrsson

Kim Pehrsson is a transformational coach, relationship & intimacy coach, mentor, doula, and women’s work facilitator. She supports women to reconnect with their true nature, embodying their sensuality and frivolity, living life in technicolour, and taking up space without apology. Her deep wish for every woman and girl is that she releases herself from her good girl conditioning, finding her way back home to the raw, juicy, wild woman that lives inside of her, full of wisdom, mischief, power, and magic. She holds space for couples, working with them to navigate all the ups and downs that being in an intimate relationship bring, often exploring communication, polarity, rekindling desire, and healing both the masculine and feminine wounds.


Kim has explored many healing modalities through her life in order to heal past trauma and to live a more conscious and aware life. Through her own interest and exploration as well as her work with women through childbirth, relationship trauma, and breakdowns, she has come to understand that what women need more than anything is to reconnect with their bodies' innate wisdom, their intuition and to remember that they can trust themselves and their inner voice.


The Elements Retreat 
Tantric Glow Ritual
with Lisa Marie

This 90 min tantric glow workshop includes a light exercise of us walking around & connecting. I will discuss on how to explore the depths of self pleasure and how to feel a deeper connection with your light source and inner energy force. 

You will be guided into some light breathing techniques to get you into your body and out of your brain. We will take part in sacred rituals including eye gazing, chakra breathing, channeling our life force up from our root chakras, connectng to our  


organs and to our hearts. Come as a partner or solo, some exercises are done alone (work solo if preferred) 

Come with a open mind and heart. 

We only have space for 20 people.  


Tantric massage 

This sacred 40 minutes full body massage will help you relax. The technique comes from Sanskrit & the priestess temples and is ancient. I will advise you on breathing techniques throughout. You will wear an eye cover to completely switch off from the outside world. Smell the incense aroma fragrances in a private room while listening to sensual music. Spirit will assist me to intertwine with your energetic field to guide me to where you need my hands the most. Light language may come through. This massage is sensual only, to highten your senses.

No yoni or lingam will take place. (No flower or penis touching) 


20 mins half body tantra massage (this massage is the same as above, but I was only work on your back, so you will lay on your front only)  


One on ones 

At my 45 minute one on ones, you can experience personal care, with Sanskrit eye gazing & other rituals. Guidance and hands on how to activate your womb & heart center for a woman, or heart and solar plexus for a man. Switch off your brain and connect to your body. Then indulge in a beautiful healing tantric massage to end with. I will work with spirit to let your chakras shine and spin. Light language might come through if they feel

it's needed. Relaxing & being present is the main focus here, if it is divinely guided you should be able to feel your energy centres move! Sensual massage only. 


The Elements Retreat 
Find your Balance
with Jane Harris

Janey is a qualified clinical reflexologist Indian head masseuse and energetic medicine practitioner living and working locally in Swansea.

Fuelled by her passion surrounding the healing powers of touch and the importance of balance in all elements of our lifes, Janey set up her own clinical practice.

'Find your Balance' enables Janey to support others on their souls journeys to do just that.


Utilising the power of touch to manipulate the micro map of your bodies systems and organs found in the souls of our feet or a hands Jane can help restore homeostasis and calm within our bodies .  


During an energetic treatment Jane will support your body to regain its balance and free up stagnated energies in your physical and emotional bodies through a hands on energetic alignment of your chakras and meridians. 


Jane describes Indian head massage as deeply relaxing and can help rebalance imbalanced nervous system alleviate the symptoms of stress in the neck and shoulders and generally leave you feeling floaty . 


These three treatments can be delivered in isolation or in any combination to suit the individual .


When she's not in her clinic Janey can be found delivering workshops in local soul sister circles, in the healing fields of festivals or collaborating with other local

healers and therapists to deliver larger scale healing retreats events.


The Elements Retreat 
Divine Love Kundalini Activation
with Jana Sophia Maora

Divine Love Kundalini activation is a direct energy transmission of pure life force energy, which ignites the divine spark of love within you. It is an invitation to reconnect to your pure essence, heart and soul and remember who you truly are. During activation, a deep purification process happens through surrendering to the energy which enables the  release of blockages in your energetical, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical system. 

It will purify all blockages, limitations, beliefs, patterns that block you from embodying the Love that you really are.

Spontaneous movements, emotional release, heightened awareness, deep meditative states, consciousness expansions, deep realisations, bliss, full body orgasmic energy and non-duality states of being are some of the experiences that can happen during a session. 

What to expect?

It is a path of surrender. The feminine way (for all genders) of letting go and effortlessly receiving the transmission. 

Nothing to do, simply allow the energy and your soul to guide you.


Intro & demo 30 min

Transmission 60 min:

You lie down on a yoga mat. Carefully selected music is played that allows deeper transformation.

The facilitator touches or presses some of the chakras or meridian points on your body. That's it.

That's all that happens on the outside. What happens on the inside is a totally different story!

Sharing and closing circle 30 min


Is it for everybody?

Yes, everybody is welcome, but it is not recommended for those prone to mania, delusion or psychosis and women in late pregnancy. 


Your facilitator:

Jana, has trained with Venant Wong, the founder of KAP, and has extensive experience and understanding of energy work. She has worked with this transmission since 2019 in the UK and abroad, in person, online and privately


The Elements Retreat 
Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine
with Julie Britton

Ayurveda Life Style Practitioner Julie Britton, experienced life and business Coach for Business Profitability and Productivity.

Julie’s corporate world of development took a more holistic approach through studying the power and wonders of Mindfulness and Ayurvedic philosophies after the passing of her mum.

After much travelling to Kerala, The Himalayas and the Ayurvedic hospitals in Coimbertore in the Black Nilgiris Mountains studying and applying the Ayurvedic Principles, Julies life turned around

In a much softer way supporting her in learning to nurture and mother her self back to wholeness through the magical ways of the ancient Hindu Indian Philosophies of life.


Julie will talk you through the Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine, the five Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether, Each representing certain substance and function of the body and of the mind.

Each human being is equipped with an inherent individual composition of the elements within us that shapes his and her constitution and temperament. It is what makes us what we are, namely living organism structured in accordance with a central plan and deep - rooted information: it is the intelligent primal substance that controls the development of each cell in our body.


In these sessions together our aim is to provide you with some knowledge to enable you to work out your constitution, and from this you can work out your own best lifestyle plan and spiritual daily rituals for balance and food choices that prevent disease.


Julie will also show you the best simple meal to balance your microbiom to provide you with all the nourishment you needs that is low cost and highly satisfying for the belly.


The Elements Retreat 
Puzzle Tree

Puzzle Tree formed in 2018 and have been working hard on crafting their sound and recording their debut album 'Every Broken Floor'. You can expect to hear riffs that make your organs shake, choruses that will be etched on your brain for days and moving vocals that will make you want to cry in one breath and sucker punch your nemesis


The Elements Retreat 
Bio Energy Healing
with Leslie Lloyd

As a Level 2 practitioner in Bio Energy Healing and a Level 1 Reiki practitioner, I've immersed myself in the world of holistic well-being. Witnessing individuals navigate their healing journeys and transition to newfound levels of health fills my heart with purpose.


Every session of Bio Energy Healing I facilitate is meticulously tailored to an individual's unique health needs and intentions. Guiding them through this process, I am privileged to witness the remarkable transformation as they move toward improved well-being. This journey is a collaborative effort, as I work hand-in-hand with each person to unlock their inner potential for healing, by fostering a safe and encouraging environment, I empower people to embrace positive changes in their lives.

My journey isn't just about me—it's about being a companion and guide on the paths of growth, healing, and self-discovery. With a heart full of compassion and a mind brimming with knowledge, I am committed to helping individuals like you take bold steps toward a brighter, healthier future.


Thank you for allowing me to share a glimpse of my journey with you. As I continue to explore, learn, and evolve, I look forward to connecting with others who are eager to embrace transformation and embark on a fulfilling journey of healing and empowerment.


The Elements Retreat 

Peace is a visionary, Sacred Ecology mentor, and founder of Cauldron Cacao, offering unique Ceremonial Cacao blends and transformative retreats. With a rich background as a multidimensional herbalist, quantum regression therapist, and inquisitive forager, her life's work intertwines nature's wisdom, spiritual healing, and a profound connection to nature.
Living off grid in their van home with her soul partner Anthony, surrounded by nature's treasures, Peace's journey from childhood curiosity in her grandfather's garden to a deep dive into plant medicine in her 20s has led her to facilitate healing through quantum regression, intuitive herbalism, and sacred plant ceremonies. Her holistic approach aims to unravel the layers of trauma and limiting beliefs, guiding clients toward self-discovery and sacred presence. Embracing ReWilding and Sacred Ecology, Peace teaches the transformative power of aligning with nature's rhythms, fostering self-love, and radical self-care. Her work not only addresses emotional and physical challenges but also empowers individuals to rediscover their divinity, embody their highest potential, and live in harmony with their true nature.


The Elements Retreat 
Shamanic Womb Healing
with Franca Muratore

Introducing Franca Muratore, a luminary in the realm of Shamanic Womb Healing, where ancient ceremonies, sound sonic healing, and the vibrations of the cosmos converge to weave a tapestry of profound transformation.


Franca stands as a guardian of the sacred traditions, drawing upon the timeless wisdom of her lineage and teacher, Willow Jordan and her teachers, Rocio Oceano and Roman Garcia Lampaya, Franca facilitates a healing process that transcends generations, addressing both ancestral and current imprints held within the sacred space of the womb.


In the warm embrace of Franca's ceremonies, participants find themselves immersed in an intimate and nurturing space, a sanctuary where the resonance of sound vibration reconnects the consciousness, sensory perception and organs to remove shadow, balances emotions and becomes a vehicle for profound healing. Connecting with the Medicine Women of her blood and surrounded by her ancestral female bloodline and the pulse of the earth's energy, Franca orchestrates a symphony of healing vibrations, inviting individuals to surrender to the ancient rhythms that reverberate through the core of their being.


The Elements Retreat 

Exploring Conscious CoCreation

Antonia Daniek

Since over a decade Antonia has been exploring outside the box perspectives on collaboration, shared leadership and community building. By inter-weaving these insights with her spiritual background, a deep understanding of personal relating and intuition into her work with founders, teams and communities she developed the SourceDynamics method. A practical approach that helps people gain clarity, find opportunities and co create in conscious and empowering ways.

By applying the SourceDynamics perspective we can discover the energetic and dynamic structures that are present in our initiatives. We can gain clarity on roles and responsibilities and see new potential. We observe organizations as living organisms and our teams as an invitation to take initiative and tk support each other.

In this interactive workshop we will explore topics around the following questions:

- What is the perspective of SourceDynamics and how can it help us in our daily life and work? (Incl. practical examples)

- How can I connect with the divine Source to receive guidance on what I am here to bring into this world? Beyond asking: How can I be of the greatest service to the Whole?

- How can I, as a founder/visionary, invite others to play an active, creative role in my venture?

- How can I be an active team member and bring my ideas forward?

- How can we move together towards manifesting a BIG vision and at the same time nourish each person who is bringing in their energy and spirit?

- How can we shape these new ways to collaborate and relate to each other in a purposeful, authentic and inspired way?

I look forward to meeting you in the woods. Oceans of love, Antonia


The Elements Retreat 
Lynsey Maher

I help women in my one-to-one treatments to release the shame, blame and heartbreak we accumulate along our journey. I help you feel empowered and whole again. So you can take the next steps in your life with clarity, joy and self-belief.


Empowering you to;

  • Release shame, blame, heartbreak and trauma.

  • Restore the parts of you that were lost along our journey.

  • Rebuild your trust in yourself, your body and your relationships.

  • Reconnect with yourself.

  • Rediscovering your true self, passion & purpose.

  • Refind you, your magic and your zest for life.

Empower you to:


  • Fall back in love with yourself, your body.

  • Allow yourself permission to grieve, process and enable closure based on wholeness. 

  • Rebuild strong boundaries, relationships & self-worth.

  • Empower you to make choices based on enoughness rather than fear.

  • Empower you to feel whole again.

  • Empower you take the next steps in your life with clarity, confidence and self-belief.

  • Reclaim yourself, your relationships & your life.

  • Reawaken to your true self, passion and purpose.

  • Live your life to your fullest potential.

  • Empower you to TAKE BACK YOU!


The Elements Retreat 

Reiki 1:1 Treatments


I'm Heulwen, a dedicated and compassionate Reiki and Animal Reiki Practitioner based in Barry Vale of Glamorgan, committed to facilitating healing not only for humans but also our beloved animal companions, guiding individuals and animals on their journey to holistic well-being.

Having grown up in the beautiful and mystical countryside in Newport, Pembrokeshire being in nature, surrounded with animals and healing energy is naturally ingrained in my soul, I love being connected to nature, its cycles and its magical energies.

With a heart centered approach, I bring forth a wealth of over 20 years experience in Complementary Therapies and in the ancient art of Reiki, a healing practice that harmonises mind, body, soul and spirit.

At the core of my practice is the belief in the body's innate ability to heal itself. Through the gentle yet powerful touch of Reiki, I facilitate the flow of universal life force energy to promote balance and rejuvenation. Whether you seek relief from physical ailments, emotional stress, or simply desire a profound sense of relaxation, my sessions are tailored to meet your animals and pets unique needs.


The Elements Retreat 
Belly Dancing Workshop


This workshop combines the grace and isolations of Egyptian bellydance movement, with raising bodily frequency and energy through the chakras, for well-being and pure enjoyment! 

Starting with gentle stretches and warm-ups to middle Eastern music, we learn basic bellydance moves and some veil work too.

Suitable for all levels of fitness. you are flowing with your own body, and bringing out your inner dance. 

We talk about how the 7 major chakras influence health, when they are balanced and/or out of balance. We have lovely inspirational affirmations for each chakra.

I have coin belts and veils to borrow please bring your own if you prefer. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Skirts leggings, dance wear, flat shoes or barefoot.

I'm Jill, I have been bellydancing for 17 years and working as a Reiki practitioner most of that time. I love to share my passion for bellydance and the practical benefits of sacred movement amd dance to enhance all aspects of well-being


The Elements Retreat 
Oxygen Therapy Wales

I am delighted to bring Oxygen Therapy to the Elements.  This therapy is so wonderful for those of us who just wish to stay on top of things, to give our beautiful bodies a boost with supplemented oxygen enables our cells to perform better, aids sleep, relaxation, alertness and wellbeing.


In the difficult times we find ourselves in, so many people have a daily fight with so many ill-health conditions, and I have personally seen amazing results using supplemented oxygen for conditions such as fibromyalgia, asthma, COPD, migraines, cluster headaches, the list goes on


I look forward to welcoming you all to my little tent of pure relaxation with a breath of fresh air.


The Elements Retreat 
Daily Yoga

Kate Cazenove

As a mother of 2, I discovered yoga to help prepare me for childbirth and fell in love with practicing on a regular basis over the last 25 plus years. 

I stopped letting fear and self doubt, that slowly crept in as I got older, stop me from fulfilling my dream and so recently qualified as a yoga teacher in India. I cannot wait to help other people discover the joys of movement and breathwork.
This practice for all levels will be playful through moving and breathing. Spending time on key postures to adjust and align and generating a fiery energy from within so expect to get sweaty!

The Elements Retreat

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